MyACUVUE® Membership Rewards

$20 Welcome Reward

For New Members

Birthday Exclusive

Receive 1.5x points for all ACUVUE® purchases on your birthday month

ACUVUE® Rewards

Earn savings on your next ACUVUE® purchase

Lifestyle Rewards

Enjoy a variety of privileges in your choice of food & beverages, shopping, transport & more

VIP Privileges

Accumulate 6000 points on a rolling 12-month basis and earn points faster


Refer & Earn
Be Rewarded with $30 Friend Referral Voucher

For every friend who signs up with your unique referral link shared via  MyACUVUE® app  and makes the first purchase, a $30 referral reward is yours!




To join, simply scan the QR code or install MyACUVUE® App on your mobile. 

Available on iOS and Android