Shivani's Story - From Crossed Eyes to Crossing a New Milestone

9-year-old Shivani from Janathanager, India, was suffering from a severe case of Infantile Esotropia. Infantile Esotropia, or more commonly referred to as ‘crossed eye’, is a form of eye misalignment when there is an inward turning of the eye or eyes towards the nose.
Due to the high financial cost and her family's financial constraints, Shivani did not have access to treatment.
It wasn't until Sight For Kids stepped in to help Shivani and her family, was she able to receive the medical attention that she desperately needed for her eyesight. Shivani was advised by multiple Specialists and received multiple surgeries to fully re-align her eyes and correct her Squint.
Through the surgeries, the doctors were also able to detect signs that helped Shivani avoid developing Amblyopia. Amblyopia, or commonly known as ‘lazy eye’, is defined as reduced vision in one eye and can be caused by Esotropia.
Today, Shivani's eyesight is getting better. Her life has been transformed forever, and she is already reaching for the stars!

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