Master R Venkatesh's Story - From Cataract to Care-free

Master R. Venkatesh from Seetharampet, India, had been suffering from a severe form of Cataract in his left eye for years before it was identified by his school headmistress, Mrs. Karuna Devi, during the Sight For Kids school screening programme. A common misconception is that cataracts can only affect older adults. It can, however, affect children as well, and if left untreated, can potentially lead to blindness, leaving children like Master to live a very difficult childhood with vision impairment.
After the doctors from the Sight For Kids programme examined him, Master was diagnosed with Traumatic Cataract – a severe form of Cataract that was affecting his left eye. The doctors treated Master's case with extreme care and operated on the eye to implant an Intraocular lens, ultimately restoring his vision by removing the Cataract completely.
Today, Master enjoys clear vision and he is very happy to live a normal life, once again. His vision impairment is a thing of the past and he is able to perform well in school and at home. His childhood has been restored and he is looking forward to seeing his future clearly, all thanks to the Sight For Kids Programme!

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