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Filters up to 15% of lights indoors, including blue lights*

Less squinting when outdoors and provides the highest level of UV protection**^

Reduces starbursts and halos^^
at night for clearer vision

Simulation of technology


"I definitely encounter a difference when I don’t wear the contacts... Even in the house with the sunlight coming in the windows- it’s like woah the light is bright"

-Kathie F

“Vision is much clearer and colors are much richer in outdoor settings.” 2

-Sahil S.

“I put [my old contacts] in after wearing these and it’s a world’s difference. These are so much more comfortable and better. I don’t squint as much in these and just the comfort factor I hardly notice these are in my eyes at all.” 1

-Matthew T

“I look at the computer screen all day… [wearing ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ I have] less squinting… and also driving at night I notice a difference. [with] The sunbursts from the headlights coming at me.”

-Brianna A.

“My doctor told me to make sure to still wear protective sunglasses because it doesn’t cover my whole eye…[and] not to look directly into the sunlight”

- Lisa F.